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What to do with a puppy when working full-time

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I've got a 4 month old cavalier puppy that I'm worried about leaving all day.
Currently my signification other was working nights, and I worked day shifts - so typically the pup was never left alone. (It worked perfectly) Sadly things have changed, and my S.O. is moving across the country.

I'm looking for tips/suggestions on how full time working adults deal with a puppy at home. I do not trust my pup to have free reign of the home while I'm working. I'm worried his crate would be too small for him to be in for long hours. Do people find indoor dog pens to be helpful? Any suggestions on size or brand? (My cavalier is currently 14 lbs and still growing)

Right now - I plan on taking him to day care 2-3 times a week (once he's old enough) and putting him in an indoor pen the other days. (taking him outside during my lunch for a walk).
Am I leaving him alone too long? Any suggestions from others? Things that help your pup while you're away?
I know I'm being over protective, and a dog should be fine while I'm working. This just wasn't expected when I decided to get him. And it's just his young age that makes me worry.
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The majority of households who work full time and own dogs have no issues leaving their dogs crated or free roaming (if they're ready) for 8-9 hours a day. At 4 months old, your pup probably can't hold it that long. I would guess 4-5 hours at her age, so a lunchtime potty break would be great. Many people also use a play pen attached to the crate, and the play pen has potty pads put down so the dog can use the crate for sleeping and the pen for potty, but thats only a temporary solution until the dog can control their bladder.

I like to leave my dog with a long-lasting treat like a frozen stuffed Kong. I stuff it with wet dog food and a tiny bit of peanut butter to "plug" the ends.
I have kennels (10'X10' and 5'X10') outdoors with dog houses (and wire tops on the kennels) for nice weather (shades on them). In winter I have one 5'X10' indoor kennel and a 4'X6' with attached 48" wire crate along with a Great Dane Crate as well as other crates in my basement. All have 6 foot high sides. I have big dogs. I work 10-12 hours a day 5 days a week.

For puppies I have 4 foot high kennel panels that I can set up in a 4X8 foot area. I put a crate in there and a pan with shavings along with a water bucket and a couple of safe toys (like a kong with peanut butter). The puppy usually uses the pan with shavings to go to the bathroom and is fine in this set up. I have started with an 8 week old puppy and never had an issue. I think this puppy set up would work well with your dog.
Kennel inside with litter box (mine shred puppy pads, even with the trays they snap down in mine rip a hole in the middle), toys, toys, access to water that they can't spill and bed they can't chew up. Mostly someone is home here almost all the time, but this set up works over night or if have to be away / cant supervise. I also use 4x4x6 kennels inside for adults too, I like it over using a crate, personal preference.
I have been working full time since I brought sprocket home last year hasn't been an issue I just keep him in his play pen while I'm at work he has a pee pad in there but rarely uses it anymore
I think the potty training takes longer when u work full time but they sleep most of the day so not a huge deal imo
Sprocket does go to doggie day care 2 times a week just to break up the week so he's not too bored all week lol
I did come home at lunch at first but seemed to stress him more since I was rushing so stopped coming home at lunch

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