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What. The. Heck.

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So I'm sitting on the couch with the dog asleep next to me, when suddenly, the air smells like... buttered popcorn. Nothing is on the stove, the windows are shut, so the only thing that could possibly cause that smell is... my dog?

I know it sounds crazy, but is it possible that my dog just farted buttered popcorn?

Or do I have a brain tumor that is affecting my sensory perception?
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George, George, George. You really do need to find another pasttime and stop obsessing with what's emanating from your dog's behind. People are starting to talk. And wonder.

Ok, actually, I'm just wondering if the dog went to the movies without you. Can you account for all of his time in the last 24 hours?
Some things just don't need to be shared. That was probably one of them. :(
Hey, I made a conscious decision not to investigate further this time. I'd rather be uncertain than face reality, either way.
Often times when I'm at the movie theater I think the place smells like dog farts. It's the popcorn.
If you change your mind and do decide to sniff his behind again, do try to take pictures. Especially of your expression afterwards, and your dog's incredulous look. :D
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