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What say you to these DNA results??

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Ok, I'm now curious again as to input regarding Jax's breeds. I did a Wisdom Panel Insights DNA test and just got the results. To recap, previous owner claimed Husky/Lab, while others (on here and out and about) have suggested very possibly Akita or Malamute rather than Husky, as well as everything from GSD to Chow to Pit to I can't even name them all.

As far as the Wisdom Panel test goes, I'd say I'm satisfied with it. It's confirmed the Husky part, very much likely from a line of purebreds. The other side? Very...very mixed. Or...Perhaps anyone has an idea as to a breed that may not be included in the breeds they test for. I did check the list prior to doing it and every breed anyone has suggested is on the list (aside from pit, but none of the breeds that showed up looked like anything I'd consider close to a pit of any sort...but again, maybe some of you see otherwise).

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Haha, I love the responses. Especially about the "salesman" visiting the sled team. And I definitely did chalk it up to just being a mix of awesomeness, even before the results, but it is nice to know that he is indeed a Sibe mix. That clears up a good chunk of it at least.

And Lolly, that's funny, too. Of course, that's how it works with everything. "oooh yeah, that's what we thought it was" and "of course that's what it is!"

Thanks for the input guys, as I definitely do believe one parent was simply pure mutt of mutts, but figured someone on here may possibly look at that and see those results and suggest something that's possibly related but not tested for (kind of like how pitt isn't a breed they detect in the Wisdom Panel test, but if you get it back with high degrees of certain terriers and other "bulldog"-related breeds, you could probably pretty well figure pitt).
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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