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What products to you wish your pet store had?

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I know that my local pet supply stores don't cut it for me. I end up ordering a ton of stuff online or through J&J's. What kinds of things do you wish were in you local stores that aren't?

I mostly end up buying training tools, dumbells, agility stuff, and books online. Why do most of the books at the pet stores totally SUCK (sorry, but they do around here)!
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All we have here is a very very small Petco.

I would LOVE to see better quality food, more toys, leashes, agility stuff, real bones, a better treat selection...

Yeah.. If I could actually have a real pet store, I'd be happy.
The pet store I shop at has a LOT of great things, including carrying the premium brands of food, however, they don't have grooming tools and products that I use on the Poodles or the Shih Tzu, or the cats. Oh well, I can get everything I want and need online, for better prices, don't have to pay for shipping for most things, and, get it w/in 3 - 5 days. So, I'm not complaining!
My one major disappointment in the move from New England to Texas is with the quality of services/products available for the dogs.

Quality pet food is a special order for me now. :( Sometimes it comes in, sometimes it doesn't which really puts me in a bind. I usually have to go to Plan B.

Petco is the only major retailer in the area, their prices are ridiculous and their line of products sucks to be honest. If I find what I'm looking for and I can't wait for an online order to be delivered, it usually requires giving them an arm and a leg for it. :mad:

I'd like to see better foods, quality grooming products (Buddy Wash, Rio Vista, Eqyss, Miracle Coat, etc)
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