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Hi everyone,

I recently switched Butters to a raw food diet, using Nature's Variety Instinct Raw, right now she's trying chicken and duck and loving it!!

Anyway, I don't know much about the raw diet and I was wondering for those that are super health-conscious for their doggies, what they feed as "you're-just-so-cute-I'm-gong-to-give-you-a-treat" treat. For training treats I normally use freeze dried beef liver or chicken, and it seems to go well..

The other treats I have are:
- Knuckle bones
- Bully stick
- Duck tenders
- Blue Buffalo Banana/Apple biscuit - made of oatmeal <-- this is a treat I'm wondering if I should continue since Oatmeal is a grain....a lot of places say oatmeal is good for dogs, but some are saying dogs don't need any grain in their diet -

I've tried feeding her veggies like baby carrots, but she can't even chew them properly as she doesn't have any 'grinding molars', so she cuts them up in itty bitty pieces and doesn't even swallow them - it's a bit of a struggle for her actually - same with giving her a little piece of pear, apple, etc.

What do you guys suggest are some really good 'you're so cute' treats that are healthy for them and won't counteract the benefits of a raw diet?
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