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Look at the ingredients of the food you are giving now and go with those. It has a number of veggies and fruits in it, cook and use them.

I made the prettiest raw ground turkey/cooked sweet potato leather a few years ago. Pureed it together, spread on parchment paper, dried in the dehydrator until top was dry, flipped it over and removed the paper and dried until done. That mix could have been baked as well as I more recently did with chicken liver and an assortment of veggies. Try half meat/liver and half veggy/fruit.

Max gets dehydrated lamb lung, cooked llama lung, any leftover plain cooked meat for training treats. He gets a kong smeared with a little peanut butter or stuffed with some dehydrated lamb lung for a treat. He gets dried tendons for chewies.

I haven't ever but you can put cut up meat on a towel in the refrigerator and let it mostly dry out too.

You can make your own jerky with no seasoning what so ever.

Don't worry about this, it isn't a religion or anything. Just watch how she does on particular treats and use again if she does well and likes them and drop them if you notice any reaction to them.
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