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What kind of dog was that?

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Hey everyone. I took Scout to the first week of his CGC class. There was this dog there that probably weighed 150+ lbs. Looked kinda like a Bernese Mtn dog, but had the coloring of a GSD. It was very hairy and HUGE. The guy told us what he was but I couldn't understand b/c of this thick korean accent. Any ideas?

I'm kinda disappointed with the class b/c that dog seemed aggressive and disruptive. It really made it hard for the other dogs to concentrate when the dog would growl, bark, and lunge at your dog anytime your dog got near it. There was a lab in the class that obviously got a bad vibe from this dog b/c it growled and barked the whole time. The big dog arrived late to class and the class just wasn't the same after he got there....
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Wow, why would someone with and aggressive dog even consider taking a CGC Class?

I'm surprised the instructor didn't ask the owner and his dog to leave because obviously this dog is not suitable to even be in this program!
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