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What kind of dog is this?? Just Found!

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Looks like maybe Border Collie or BC mix.
def looks like a mix..
maybe bc, aussie or sheltie...
i dunno...

either way he/she is cute!
I would say an Aussie or Aussie mix. Very cute!
Looks like an Aussie to me.
I see Aussie and BC
I agree with everyone else... def Border collie/Aussie mix. Very cute :D
Looks like a border collie/aussie. Do you plan on trying to find her owners?
does it have a tail?....looks like an Aussie to me....i really don't see any BC there but you never know.....
So cute! Are you going to keep him/her? He/she is giving you those sad puppy eyes.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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