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What kind of bed do you use for your dog?

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Our dog Snowball has a bed,at least she thinks so.My wife got two cushions and uses them as a foot rest.However ,Snowball feels that is her bed.She has outgrown but it doesn't seem to bother as she is sleeping on it right now.Either her head hangs off or her back side does.Looks like we're have to get her a bed.What kind do you all have? She is going to be a big dog and don't think a Wal-Mart bed will fit.
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Toby likes to "nest". He scrapes at whatever he wants to lie down on until he can wad it up in a ball and then he lies down. Regular dog beds don't work for him. I went to the local thrift store and bought a queen sized comforter for about $10. It works great. He can nest to his heart's content and I can throw it in the wash when it's dirty. It's also easy to pack along when we go on trips. And for $10 if he tears it up or it's too disgusting, I can throw it out without guilt.

I did the same for Cameron. He isn't a nester but he likes to sleep in small corners, so the blanket works great for him, too. I can toss it into his favorite corner and it fits, unlike trying to squish a big dog bed into a small place.
It's called the Loveseat in the basement :)
Downstairs they have a really nice and fluffy futon mattress that is cut in half with a custom cover on it.

Up in my room they sleep on very very comfy Orthopedic beds. They're worth a pretty penny, but I have found they last so much longer and do not flatten over time at all.
does a queen size pillow top mattress count lol
i don't know what kind it is, but it came from costco and makes my house smell like a lumberjack.

she loves it.

..and sometimes she sneaks up into my ikea bed..
My dogs sleep in my bed or next to my computer chair. They are small dogs, so it's not a problem if I also want to sleep in my bed.
I have two of the large round beds from Costco and one large rectangular bed from Costco. My dog loves them all!
Mine sleep any where they want to. At night it's on the bed with me. There pretty big so each one has their own spot they like the best. Rylie lays behind me with her head on my side, Izzie curls up against the back of my legs, and Shiloh lays in front of me. It get a bit cozy. I've bought beds, but they end up the same way...stuffing all over the house.
There is the couch in the living room
The couch in the bed room
A Comfort Nest Dog Bolster Bed (I will NEVER spend that much on a dog bed again lol)
A custom bed to look like a couch that me and my step dad made
A couple of cheap wal-mart dog beds
And some old comforters in the crates

Oh and my bed that is always a favorite place.
We bought two different round beds from petfooddirect. Sometimes the boys use it. Sometimes they lay on the couch or on the floor. They are not needy and like whatever. lol
I love easy to please dogs.
DJ has a really nice donut bowser bed he sleeps in at nite. He uses the couch during the day when I'm at home, but when I'm gone, he sleeps on his dog couch in the laundry room, lol.
George has never used a dog bed, but prefers the floor, better yet - the non-carpeted floor. I recently bought him a nice orthopedic dog bed, but he'll have nothing to do with it :rolleyes:
My guys have a Kozy Therapeutic bed made by Four Paws. They have the 48 inch black (panther) one, and it stays in the den under the window so they can all share it. It's very large, and big enough for a bunch of the smaller ones to snuggle up on, or for a few of the larger ones to stretch out on. On top of it is a big queen size comforter for added snuggle-ness.


Most of my guys sleep in their kennels at night. Everyone has a large twim size comforter in their kennel. Mattie is an old man dachshund with a achey back, so he has a plush bed in with his comforter. This is Mattie's bed:


And Annie has a very bad back and hip problem, so she gets a big special orthopedic doggy bed. This is her dog bed:


She has the 28"x48" one.

Around the house are other beds as well. Callie and Gracie have a little around soft bed that's spring colors and says "Happy Spring!" that I got from Petsmart. There's also another large king size comforter that stays under the bay window in the living room for them, and a smaller doggy pillow that's mostly used by Jake, that stays nestled on side of our large bookcase.

And of course, when none of this suites their fancy, they usually overcrowd our loveseat. :rolleyes:
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Does my bed count? At night she sleeps in bed with us.

I bought her a bed at Sam's Club over a year ago. It is now just a decoration in the living room. The only time she lays in it is if a lap is not available or if that lap is moving around too much for her liking and she gets pissy and goes into her bed and pouts.

In the basement she has commendered one of my laundry baskets that had an old afgan my grandma made years ago. She can nest it up and she takes cat naps in it while I fold laundry.

I see all kinds of cute beds, but I'm not going to waste money on something that she will not use.
On laundry day, Maya hops into a basket of dirty clothes. She roots around for dirty underwear. If there aren't any, she just naps in the basket instead. Otherwise, I just toss a blanket in the kennel. They have several old ones that rotate through the laundry, then back to the kennel. Matilda doesn't get a bed. She is just a pup, and eats everything you give her.
My pitbulls aren't allowed on beds unless invited. Usually they sleep on the floor. They'll sleep anywhere.

Teddy likes to squish into corners and things, so we got him a big Armakat bed that has sides on it. He either sticks his head into one of the corners or hangs over the edge. He and his cat sleep there together, it's pretty cute.
Jinx has a old queen sized comforter folded up in her crate and an old pillow to snuggle with. She used to be spoiled with a scrap of my parent's old temperpedic mattress but, she trew up on it and I had to toss it.
I have one LLBean bed and one bed by PetOBed (you can google for the website). It's awesome for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, stuff like that.
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