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what kind of anabolic steroids are typically prescribed to dogs

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the dog is a old labrador retriever around 100lbs with very weak back legs.
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What condition has the dog been diagnosed with? Because it certainly wouldn't be anything you could use safely for bodybuilding.
Vets sometimes use steroids for arthritic dogs. Usually cortisone or prednisone, though, not anabolic steroids. Steroids are dangerous and you should only use them with a vet's guidance.
if they give them to horses and other farm animals why couldnt they be prescribed to dogs

here is what i know about his condition

he is a older dog
he has bad arthritis in his back hips
due to the arthritis he has lost virtually all muscle in his back legs

he cant run
he is having trouble going #2
and seems to be in pain

the vet prescribed me rimadyl and that helped a little but nothing drastic and she is opposed to trying anything new

i just see steroids as a good option for him at this point i just dont know

which ones would be optimal for use
and what doses

i have access to pretty much every anabolic available
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I don't know what makes you believe we offer veterinary services here...we do not.
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