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What Kind of a Dog is That?!?

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I get asked this CONSTANTLY!!

One person STOPPED THEIR CAR, rolled down the window and was VERY DISAPPOINTED that she was a chi/terrier/doxie/etc, (meaning I have NO clue!! just what I think she looks like).

Every time we leave the house at least one or two people will ask, and we leave the house a lot!

What is a good come back? People always seem crestfallen for some reason at my answer.

I've said the long (possible lineage) version, and the short (mutt), both not good for the crestfallen factor. I've said "Cheerier" and they acted a bit odd at that, lol. I've said I don't know, etc, etc.

Anyone have a good comeback that won't leave people so sad/confused, etc? :) Do they think she's a breed or designer breed? I don't get it!
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People refused to believe that my 115# dog could actually be a lab, so I had to make up a breed. I told people he was a Guatemalan Gazehound.

Several people told me they'd heard of them and a few said they had friends with Guatemalan Gazehounds.

After while, I got so I could keep a straight face and lie with impunity.

Sometimes I told them his name was Perro Grande.
I heard that next year the AKC is going to recognize the Guatemalan Gazehound. Say it's so! :rolleyes:
He would have looked good thundering around the show ring at Westminster.

We were never really sure if he was all lab so sometimes we'd label him "lab and black bear."
I think you just have to deal with people's disappointment. We get asked what Pepper is all the time, too. (if it isn't just a straight out "What a cute border collie!" and we ALWAYS correct them and say "well, really a mutt with some bc in her. And yes, people are disappointed).

Maybe you could just follow it up with "we got her at the shelter -- they have some great dogs."
Tell them it's a French breed...a Melange!
If it is a mixed larger dog I always love to say that they are purebreed farm dogs. With your little on I would say that she is a purebreed cuddler. It really doesn't matter what breed she is she is adorable!
since her name is ruby...say she is a french rubynye....or some variation of ruby...that way you can say you just call her ruby for short
These responses are GREAT, lol. Gazehound, heheheh, Melange, etc -- Ruby is a little red in the fur -- maybe she's a Viking Terrier!?! hehehehe :p

I know for sure she's half Trouble, the other half depends on time of day. :cool:
I have been asked numerous times if Enzo is a full blooded German Shepherd... one GSD owner even insisted there is NO way he could be anything else. I mean, I have been around many grown GSD's and they all had erect ears. Puppies honestly I have no idea. I have looked on Google images and some of the pups have floppy ears. So it's up for debate, and anything is possible, but I am assuming he is a mix.

I like the idea of coming up with your own breed names, lol. People are so gullible!
I think we need to add an entry for 'Guatemalan Gazehound' to Wikipedia.
I think we need to add an entry for 'Guatemalan Gazehound' to Wikipedia.
ROFL!!! Oh, yes, we do!!

Now, BCE, your dog is obviously a Guatamalan Shepherd. :D

Ruby actually reminds me of a Gazehound, except for the wire hair. :p
LOL I understand people not knowing all the breeds. I mean, I understand not knowing any if you don't have dogs but... a Lab owner not knowing a Lab when they see one is pretty sad.

I get that all the time with my dogs and I think to myself "better to not know what they are then to think they are those mean dogs" I truly thought most folks knew what a Lab was though. :)
That choco Lab has a common tail imperfection, maybe I can say that Ruby is a Button-Eared Chihuahua!! :p

I thought everyone knew what a Rotti was, my bad! :rolleyes:

I have to admit having no idea what purebred pitbull looks like, there are so many mixes here -- but I wouldn't argue with the owner about it, hello!?!
LOL I understand people not knowing all the breeds. I mean, I understand not knowing any if you don't have dogs but... a Lab owner not knowing a Lab when they see one is pretty sad.

But there's SO much variety in Labs! Some are thick and short, some are slim and tall, slim/short, thick/tall, 120 pounds, 40 pounds, anywhere in between, etc. I've seen "purebred" Labs that look like Doxie mixes, Great Danes, Viszlas, Weims, and plenty of other breeds. Very few Lab breeders breed to show standards, or any standards at all. So I totally understand not recognizing a Lab when you see one.
I have actually had people think that Lola is a cavalier King Charles which she is not. One girl in particular did not look disappointed when I told her she was a Japanese Chin, she had the look of yeah right. After I had told her that a King Charles has a longer muzzle and longer ears she had the look of "I don't want to hear it because I know I am right and I know what I am talking about" and had an attitude about it.
OMG, that's terrible!! Having a dog really brings all types around.

Kind of like with kids, I was surprised when I had my first how many various kinds of comments we got. Now that we have 2 the comments have stopped for some reason. :confused:
You have to admit, though, some of these breed names sound made up. 'Guatemalan Gazehound' sounds way more likely than 'Kerry Blue Terrier', 'Cavalier King Charles Spaniel', 'Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen', or 'Whippet'.
Or "Plott hound."

This was my Guatemalan Gazehound at age 14 telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I'd better throw the training dummy out into Lake Michigan again or there was going to be trouble.

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I always tell people that Lloyd is a lollypop special (our local shelter is called Lollypop farm). They always want to know what he is, but I really have no clue and I tell people so. If they are sad about it then all well. I also usually add in that they can get awesome dogs from the shelter. I actually know a few people who went and got dogs from the shelter after meeting Lloyd (I also let them know he didn't come this well mannered, obedience classes helped with that!).
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