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What I've been up to this year-

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Though pictures all are of just tiny babies they were all here (one at a time) for quite a while to play and learn, but I've been doing a whole lot of puppy raising for some very nice WL GSDs. Pics at the top of the black and tan girl are the current baby. After that the order is the first pup through the most recent (2 pics each - 4 puppies, not 8!)

Lots and lots of fun.

I'll eventually get my own (probably 2022, I'm waiting on a specific breeding). They'll never be MY BREED, but I've really liked all these guys - super easy to work with, live with, and super into games and fun so super easy to teach.


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Adorable! I love the various stages of puppy shepherd ears. Though I also want to hear how YOUR pups are doing!
Hope you have been well.
We lost Bug to cancer shortly after Kylie had her blockage. Thud's getting some arthritis which, at nearly 8 isn't a huge surprise. Everyone else is doing great. No competition happening, obviously, but lots and lots of time together and fun that way.
Awww, Bug was a living ray or sunshine for sure.
Glad to hear that you and the rest of the pack are still living the life and having fun.
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