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Every one will meet such questions that the pet will become angry, so , when facing such problems, what is your unique skill to make them calm down?

There is no exception for newfrog, everyone faces it. But always remember one thing that do not treat each dog differently. They also have emotion. They will accompany us and be an honesty friend with us. So, as human beings, there is no doubt that we do not treat them well.

Let's come back to the topic, what is your unique skill when your pet is angry or in bad mood?

Some people will say, they will sing a song, they will play the cartoon to their pet dog. There are very funny and interesting ways. But to Newfrog, the best way is to treat the pet dog really like a friend. Because they can not rely on anyone else, once they are chose by you, right?

Still want to know some more interesting way from each pet lovers. Anyway, pet also needs surprise, right?
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