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What is your puppy's favorite toy or chew toy?

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couscous loves her bully stick. Will play with it for hours. She also loves the freeze dried liver treats. She is learning to get through her kongs but right now, nothing beats the bully stick. Please share what puppy's favorite... thanks! :)
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Sophie has this orange squeeky lion that she got as a puppy (5 years ago ) Lucifer loves his dino bone ( moose leg bone) and plastic bottles . Guapo is afraid of toys but he does love his blankies and they all love thier salmon treats I either make them or buy yummie chummies that are locally made. They know what cupboard the treats are in and all 3 dogs and 3 cats will stare at it at the same time like it will magically open!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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