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What is your puppy's favorite toy or chew toy?

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couscous loves her bully stick. Will play with it for hours. She also loves the freeze dried liver treats. She is learning to get through her kongs but right now, nothing beats the bully stick. Please share what puppy's favorite... thanks! :)
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Hitch loves his stuffed animal squeaky toys. He has a mushroom, a cow, a giraffe, and he stole a dead looking squril from my mom's house. He also likes my mom's dog's squeaky tennis ball and their rope toy. This morning he stole the cat's toy when the cat was playing with it (the cat threw it up in the air, and Hitch is obviously taller, and caught it before the cat had a chance)... I told him no, took it and gave it back to the cat and gave Hitch one of his toys.

I tried to give him a kong with a treat in it and he didn't care for that. I have also tried tennis balls, frisbes, and hard squeaky toys with no luck. I did try deer antlers, but it only amused him for 2 minutes.

He is very gentle with his stuffed animal squeaky toys. He has had the same ones since I got him early this year, with only a slight sign of wear on one. Shhhh, don't tell him, but I have three more squeaky animals in the closet waiting for him!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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