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What is your puppy's favorite toy or chew toy?

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couscous loves her bully stick. Will play with it for hours. She also loves the freeze dried liver treats. She is learning to get through her kongs but right now, nothing beats the bully stick. Please share what puppy's favorite... thanks! :)
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A pair of shorts someone gave my son that are hideous. They're very short, chocolate colored with blue hibiscus on them. If it weren't for the unbuttoned flap in the front I'd have sword they were girl shorts. They look like boxers but are cut like daisy dukes. I banned my son from wearing them and was going to donate them to Goodwill. I picked my son up from my mother's only to see him wearing the shorts I forbade him to wear. When we got home I washed them then took a pair of scissors to them and tied knots in them and gave to Auriel.
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