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What is your puppy's favorite toy or chew toy?

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couscous loves her bully stick. Will play with it for hours. She also loves the freeze dried liver treats. She is learning to get through her kongs but right now, nothing beats the bully stick. Please share what puppy's favorite... thanks! :)
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My dog loves stuffed animals. He has a little pink stuffed animal (pig) that was the first toy we ever got him. That thing is still going strong (3 months later) despite the fact that he has literally destroyed EVERY other stuffed animal we have bought him, typically in less than 20 minutes. It's really funny actually. We think maybe it's just sentimental attachment since it was his first toy (?). He "kills" and rips to shreds every other stuffed animal he comes across. But the pink pig he just lightly chews on and snuggles with. There's not so much as a loose stitch in that thing. LOL

He also loves his Kong and knuckle bones.
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