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What is your end goal for dog sports?

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Do you want a masters rally title? To go to nationals, and get your IPO3 title? Do you want to collect as many agility titles as you can?
I’m really curious what people’s end goals are. What would be the dream?

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I'm another who wants to have fun with her dogs, but also when I really think about it, I want to deepen the bond between us and to meet challenges. I have had and loved some great dogs in my life, but when I first trained a dog for competition I realized the bond was deeper than I achieved with any previous dog.

When I did Bernese Mountain Dog drafting (the Berner people allow other breeds to compete), my beloved Rottie girl Schara and I went all the way to the Master Draft Dog title, which means passing the Novice (on leash) test once, going on to Open (off leash), and passing the Open test 5 times. Both levels require a short obedience routine without cart to prove handler has control, a maneuvering course with cart in an open area, and a cross-country half-mile draft course with weight (25 pounds in Novice, the dog's own weight rounded back to the nearest 10 pounds in Open). During one of our tests, I watched Novice dogs quit on a particular hill on the draft course, either unable or unwilling to pull up a long slope. As Schara and I approached that hill, I told her, "Let's Go," and she dug in and never hesitated in pulling her 30-pound cart with 80 pounds of "freight" up that hill.

Those are the kind of experiences that bring a lump to your throat, or at least to mine - the fact my dog would do such a thing because I asked.

I want to have a good time in the company of like-minded people. I want to do well and earn the ribbons. I want the titles. Most of all I want those lump-in-the-throat moments.
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