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What is your end goal for dog sports?

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Do you want a masters rally title? To go to nationals, and get your IPO3 title? Do you want to collect as many agility titles as you can?
I’m really curious what people’s end goals are. What would be the dream?

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Depends on the dog.
I lost a dog this summer that would happily do anything I asked of her. She had her RAE (qualified for Nationals), Trick Dog Titles, CGCA, and MACH, and was only 39 points away from MACH2. Then COVID hit, then she was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and was gone 3 months later. As disappointed as I was to not reach that MACH2, I'd give anything to have my dog back, even if we could never compete again.
My 5 yr old dog has a TON of potential for agility and LOVES playing the sport. But she is scared of people. When we lost our other dog, her confidence took a nose dive. So she isn't going to compete much anymore.
I have 2 younger dogs (6 months and 1 1/2 yrs) I will start them with Rally, and if they like it, we will continue. We will also train for agility. If they don't love it, we will find something they do like.

As much as I want to reach some goals, if the dog isn't happy, it isn't going to happen.
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