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What is your end goal for dog sports?

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Do you want a masters rally title? To go to nationals, and get your IPO3 title? Do you want to collect as many agility titles as you can?
I’m really curious what people’s end goals are. What would be the dream?

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Current Dog? first and foremost training for better training.
As to titles? He has his IGP Bh and he has his American Schutzhund (AS) BT. He also has his SG show rating and his AKC CGC.
Next we head for spring and I would "like" to get his AD and his IGP 1 so I can get his KörKlasse (breed survey). I would also like to get his AS 1. In the spring. He was READY for IGP 1 last spring but between Covid and leaving the club I was with and then taking a break.. well, we have work to do.

Eventually I would like to get his IGP 2 and 3. If he were to get the required 270 score and covid is not an issue then Regionals and Nationals (USCA) IF the nationals are in the East. I cannot afford Nationals in CA and in 2021 that is where they will be. If he does not get a 270 at club level (it is not easy!) I would probably still go to Regionals and maybe the WDC if it isn't too far away.

While all that is going on I would like to get his AS 2. AFTER, assuming he gets his IGP 3, I want to stop doing IGP and concentrate on AS.

Of course, the sport is rough. He might get injured and be done. Stuff can go wrong. So with that in mind the first goal is more training to train better.... titles are sort of secondary to that.
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