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What is your dog's favorite thing to do?

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What does your dog like to do for fun? My dog likes to swing on a rope from a tree in the back yard. Here's a video. It's really funny. Check it out!
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My dogs favorite thing to do is sleep.
Gosh.. your dog looks like its gonna throw its back out.

Bellas favorite thing to do is run. She will run and run until she just cant anymore then she will just flop on the ground and lie there.

Add in a tennis ball and Bella is in heaven.
my dog likes to drive me insane.
Star's favorite thing to do is rough house with other dogs, especially ones that don't mind her gnawing on their faces. If there isn't a dog around Star runs out her disappointment by doing laps of the coffee table, around and around and around at about a million miles an hour, give or take, or outside it's laps of the pool.
I can't watch your vid right now cause I'm at home with dial up but to answer your title.

Kechara loves anything to do with sheep and cattle.

and Hawkeye likes his tuggy!
Yeah, he scares me some times. But I can't stop him. He is obsessed with it. If I take it down he just sits at the base of the tree and whines until I put it back. He's been doing this for like a year and he has yet to get hurt. He'll do it for hours if I let him.
My pup loves squeaking her squeaky toys. She just stands there with it in her mouths and squeaks it at least 20 times before chewing it normally. I guess she likes the sound. I need to buy her a new one, the squeaker broke. Lol.
Tir and Saoirse's favorite things are goosing...especially Tir...you mention geese and her eyes just dance......Titch, for right now, is focused on chasing the girls and herding them, especially Mama Tir......

i'll get a video soon of them goosing....it is cool to see them go....
Definitely sleep for the oldie... for the puppy- chew on my hands and play.
Jinx loves to fetch... I can chuck a ball as far as it will go and she'll tear after it. Often times beating bigger dogs. I got lucky with that one. Rocko's favorite thing to do is chase Jinx :p and to rough house with her and other dogs.
Angel - Border Collies is 1. Flyball
2. Frisbee
3. Agility

Fraggle - Tibetan Terrier 1. Agility

Karma - Border/Jack 1. Flyball
2. Frisbee

Stryker - Border/Jack 1. Frisbee
2. Flyball

When they are not doing these things, Angel and Fraggle patrol the yard, Stryker chases house flies and Karma acts as the in house princess.
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Zoey's favorite thing to do is go for a walk.. Maggie's is chew on a bone. They both would probably choose fetch with their green ball as their next favorite.
Abba- going out anywhere, and being brushed.

Peanut-cuddling and bestowing love.
sasha ,my maltese loves trying to catch flys on my patio screen with nikita my cat,,ya she thinks shes a cat,she doesnt eat them like the cat does,just jumps at them,while shanna looks on my 8 year old toy poodle wondering what is the excitement about,its soooo funny to watch ,,,the 3 of them love sleeping on my king bed with me cuddleing
Stella's got two favorite things.....

Outside she loves to RUN! She loves to go to the dog park and run with the other dogs....more to the point she loves them to chase her! She's so fast!

Inside....she loves to snuggle and get tummy rubs!!!

My puppy's a dig-aholic

sooooo cute!!!!
That video cracks me up! and the picture of the little digger is adorable!

Tucker likes to run around the house- did I mention he's huge? So when he's doing his favorite activity, we try to re-locate. Tucker also likes to play tug-of-war.
Nia's favorite thing to do is chase other dogs and run around with them. She loves dogs more than food, hugs, cuddles, balls, even me. That's why it's been so hard to control her excitement problems. If she sees a dog, I could throw a steak or roast on the floor and she wouldn't even look at it...she would just try to get to the other dog.
Busters top would have to be FOOD. Sleep would be a close 2nd. 3rd would have to be anything with his people. Sleeping under my feet while I try to get house work done and waiting for his next meal about sums up my boys day.
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