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I am overwhelmed by the number of car seat harnesses out there, need help!

I have bought a full size wire crate for indoors but it is too big to carry to the car all the time. Also I read here you shouldn't have a wire one in the car.

I am getting an english cocker spaniel as a puppy (9-10 weeks old). So have no idea how big the dog's chest will be by then and how quickly they will grow.

I don't want a harness for walking. And am looking for quick release/put on dog seat belt. If I have to buy a couple due to change in size, I don't want an expensive one.

We will have a good 3hr car journey picking up the puppy (so have no idea what to use then - cardboard box?) as I know I have to get the puppy used to the harness.

So what ones are quick and easy to use?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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