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What is he??

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I was told when i bought him he was half Standard Poodle (mom dark brown)and half Gordon Setter (dad black or almost black and an almost dark gold color) "Gordondoodle" is what she called him. When i took him to the vet the vet said he looks like he has poodle and Golden Retriever "Goldendoodle" but i tried to find pic's of that mix and he doesn't look like any of them. I did look up a Labradoodle and he looks like some of them but the coloring is off.Can you please help me!! In the pic's to the right he is about 2 mos and a week and the ones to the left he's 4mos in..


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I see golden and poodle. Maybe he is just a mixture of several, definitely see poodle though and I think golden in his face and coloring. :) He's a cutie!
I do see Setter beceause he's slim, and his face is longer than a Golden's would be.

However, not sure how the Gordon Setter's color passes down. I would think that a black dog would throw black puppies - I think black is dominant? I'm not a genetics expert, maybe someone who knows more about it could help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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