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What is an automatic pet feeder?

Automatic feeders are designed to dispense specific portions of dog or cat food at certain times, so they ensure that your furry friend will be well fed on time.

In addition, it has a great advantage for pet owners, as it takes care of feeding them while you are traveling. In fact, they are programmable to give meals whenever you want.

In turn, they help you control the amount of food since it will only dispense specific amounts of food. This way you will not have to worry about your animals being overweight if they tend to eat too much.

Another advantage is that it helps you adhere to a schedule since animals get used to a routine. Remember that your furry friends should follow them, even if your work schedules are complicated and you are very busy. With good food dispensers, you make sure your animals feed when they touch them.

How do automatic pet feeders work?

Many dogs have to be fed at different times during the day. In fact, it is not appropriate for our pets to eat large portions once or twice a day, but they should eat smaller and controlled quantities several times a day. In turn, many puppies are trained from small to eat well.

The automatic food dispensers work by placing the time on the internal timer of the appliance, without the need to use a separate clock or smartphone. Meanwhile, the food is stored in a sealed container so that it does not get damaged, until the time you decided and the device releases the amount you also set.

There are several types of programmable feeders for each type of pet, including various colors, sizes, additional functions, and prices.

Wopet brings innovative pet feeders to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pet's daily life. And now many, many more caring cat and dog owners are empowered to maintain a healthy, consistent, stress-free diet for their pets.
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