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If they're happy with it and it's convenient for you, then it's good.

I've had dogs that if they don't eat by X o'clock, they insist they are starving. They will hound me until I stop what I'm doing and feed them. For those dogs, I split that meal into two separate meals. So if I have been feeding them at 8 am and 8 pm and they "are starving" around 5 pm, I split the 8 pm feeding, giving half at 4 pm and half at 8 pm.

I've had dogs whose bladders/colons didn't coincide with the feeding schedule. If their evening meal was at 8 pm, they had to get up and potty around 3 am. For them, I adjusted the evening meal to 5 pm and they would take their last potty break at midnight.

It's just really arranging it to make it convenient for you while preventing the dogs from "starving" (their word not mine) or needing a middle of the night potty break.
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