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What dog if any should I get

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I want to buy or rescue a dog or puppy to love as our first family pet (becides my african cichlids). The problem is that most days monday through friday no one is home between 8:00 am and 3:00pm I dont know if it is fair to put a dog in a situation where it will be alone in a crate for that long I do have the option of waiting untill my kids finish up school for the summer which means they will be home from mid-June to the end of August other than a 2 week family vacation. So the question is this is there a breed that takes to being alone well or should i just forget about a dog untill I retire in 8-12 years.There is also the issues of shedding my wife will only let us get a dog that is considered a low shedding breed.
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The vast majority of dog owners are gone part of the day. I would not get a puppy in your situation, but that schedule does not seem unfair to an older dog so long as you're willing to spend quality time with the dog once you get home.

I would look in the shelter and find a dog that you and your wife are comfortable with.

Thanks for considering rescue!
I would definitely not get a puppy in your situation, I would rescue a dog. If you can spend a few days getting the dog crate trained, then it will be fine in the crate for 7 hours. Older dogs are able to hold their eliminations that long and won't consider it a drag as long as they get crate trained properly.

Otherwise you could find a dog walker until the summer, that way your pooch gets a break in the middle of the day.

Dogs enjoy a den-like space by nature so if properly crate trained an older dog would be fine I think.
Depending on what you are looking for, the Cairn Terrier could be of interest to you. There is a Cairn terrier rescue in the USA that usually has dogs available.
Thanks to your quick responces and it looks like a older dog it is
Thanks to your quick responces and it looks like a older dog it is
By the way: I'd aim for at least 2 years, maybe 3. By then, the dog should actually be an adult.
I wouldn't narrow your selection to a particular breed. Go to the local shelter and meet some dogs. Look for a dog with a lower energy level than your families. In another words, if you love running marathons, you don't want a couch potato. On the other hand, if your idea of a good time is watching TV 6 hours a day you don't want a dog who lives to drop tennis balls in your lap. The great thing about getting an older rescue dog is you can quickly tell things like shedding, personality, etc... I will qualify this by saying that you must be careful as some dogs shut down completely in shelters and are completely different animals after they've been out for a month or two. Be careful to tell the difference between a dog that's shut down and one that's just a laid back dog (if that's what you're looking for). Also, some dogs do the opposite and become high strung in shelters from being stuck in a kennel all day. Once out and properly exercised, they're laid back animals. You have to watch out for this too.
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I am narrowing my search down here is the list so far soft coated wheaten,italian greyhound,bichon,or caryn terrior. I am leaning towards the wheatie because they are bigger than the others. I would actually love a retired greyhound but I can't convince the rest of the family and the dog is for the kids ...right ? oh well maby someday. Thanks to everyone who was kind enought to take the time to respond
Wheaten's require a lot of exercise, out of the four I've met, three of the owners are runners. They also said that their dogs were stubborn, although I don't know if this is a common breed characteristic. Maybe not the best "first timer" dog.
Italian greyhounds are great, but very fragile. If your kids want a dog they can rough house with and play tug with, the Italian Greyhound wouldn't be the best choice. Bichons are great, and I'm not saying that because I have one :p They are really great little dogs, same with Cairn Terriers, but with any terrier, you've got to keep their mind occupied and tire them out or you're looking at destruction. I don't know why, but I'm under the impression that this is your first dog? Out of the breeds you've listed, I'd go for a bichon.
Italian greyhounds are pretty fragile dogs...if you opt for that breed, please go through rescue (there are so many!) or go to a GOOD breeder, do NOT get one from a pet store or back yard breeder. IGs can be really hard to train.

Obviously, I'm pretty partial to retired racing greyhounds since we have 15 (+ two fosters at the moment)...I think it's pretty darn cool to have a former professional athlete sleeping on my sofa! But, if they aren't game for a greyhound, a whippet may appeal to them a bit more. I think either can be great family dogs.

And don't count the shelter out....there are lots of adorable, wonderful pets waiting for their forever home. And you really are saving a life.
Here's a better question, what kind of person are you? What kind of people make up your family? Are you an active person? Do you run 2-3 miles a day or do you spend your evenings on the couch? Somewhere in between? How old are your kids? Are they more active or do they play a lot of video games? Does your family prefer small dogs or large dogs or something in between? Would you prefer a dog who growls at anyone who comes near your family or a dog who licks their face or just barks at them?
I have been a 2-3 mile a day runner and I have been a couch potatoe. Right now im 60 percent couch potatoe and 40 percent active. But I could very easily go the other way. I am the kind of person who will adapt to a situation another words if I have a doggie who needs to run than I will run also (win-win). I do like the Bichon because I think the Wheaty may be to much for my very non aggressive 12 and 10 year old daughters and my wife won't be any help at all unless she completely changes her attitude. Right now though she is offering only her blessing to get a dog that is low-shedding. I think the kids will play with the pooch a lot but I will be the one taking care of it. I have heard the reservations about wheatties and terriers and it seems at this point Bichon may be at the top of the list (for now). I must say I am a tad bit nervous about a shelter dog because of the it's unknown past. Suppose I get a puppy and take 2 or 3 weeks off from work and then hire an afternoon walker. Could that work ?
P.S. I love the retired greyhounds and someday i WILL own one. maby when im retired
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I have been reasearching the Whippets and I love them. Also we are going to fence in the back yard

P.S. I am starting to see a few cracks in my wifes armor.
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