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Well, there are a ton of really great dog foods out there, so it's hard to make specific suggestions. And the good thing about having a tiny dog is that he eats so little, you can afford the really great stuff! If I had a tiny dog I'd probably go with ZiwiPeak, a freeze-dried raw food (Primal, Stella & Chewy's, etc.), or a frozen raw food. What stores are available in your area? Are you in a large enough town for it to have a specialty pet shop? Are you willing to order online?

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It's kind of hard to suggest foods, we kind of need more info. Different dogs can react to different foods. Also there's possible financial and time limitations for the owner etc. A balanced raw or home cooked diet is probably the best, but it takes some research and planning to make sure you're giving a nutritionally balanced diet. For commercial foods, generally the better it is the more expensive it is. Grain free is better since dog's aren't meant to process grain. Higher meat content is better because for the most part, dogs are still carnivores and meat is the best source of protein.

Read up around sites like dogfoodadvisor.com to get a general idea of commercial foods.

Feeding an 8 month old pup should be 2x a day. The specific amount depends on the dog.

Toys also depend on the dog and what they're interested in. Kongs are a classic.

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There are plenty of good foods but not every food works for every dog.
I feed Nature's Variety: Instinct to both of my dogs and I am ridiculously pleased with how they do on this food. I have to order it online as I can't find it available near me.

Other foods taht I often suggest are....
Blue Wilderness
Innova Prime
Fromm Gold
Fromm Four Star
Earthborn Holistic
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