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Since this is my first post, I'll introduce myself first. My name is Jessica, Im a stay at home mom to 4 girls (almost 11, 6, almost 5 and almost 4 years old). When my husband and I started looking for a puppy we had some fairly specific "needs". We wanted a big dog (50+lbs), 8-12 weeks old, light color (6 year old is afraid of small breeds and dark/black dogs), I wanted a walking buddy, my husband wanted a dog that would be calm in the house.

1 week after we decided to start seriously looking we found our perfect puppy, a 9 1/2 week old male Saint Bernard, weighing just over 20lbs. Buster weighed in at 33.2lbs on 5/19, so he is already a big boy. He is the same height as the female ACD he frequently plays with, but bigger around and much heavier boned. He is an absolute joy to be around (not that Im bias or anything), a sweet, loving teddy bear.

He sits reliably, with our without a treat. Easily lured to lay down. Learning Drop It, fairly reliable on Leave It. Working on roll over, gimme paw and give kisses (my girls' idea). His recall is also a work in progress. Potty training is another work in progress, though each accident can be easily pinpointed to a moment my eyes were not on him.

My biggest challenges with him are mouthing my girls and biting/chewing the leash while walking (otherwise he walks beautifully). We've only had very minor destruction...2 shoe laces with the plastic end chewed and a small piece of drywall that looked like he'd pealed it away (he found the hole from hubby hitting the wall with the baby gate...).

What else does my sweet boy need to know?

If it makes any difference...he's an indoor dog, all outside time is supervised (no fence & dont trust the neighbor kids or the many lose dogs). We plan for him to always be an inside dog with supervised trips outside.

Buster at 9 1/2 weeks

Still one of his favorite sleeping positions

Buster at 12 weeks
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