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What do you use to clean a Bulldog's wrinkles?

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The breeder told me to get malabsorb wipes, which I cannot find anywhere. Maybe I have it spelled wrong, so please point me in the right direction there.

I have also heard to use human baby wipes, a wet washcloth and eye cleaning wipes. :confused:

So, what do you find most effective for keeping an Englsih Bulldog's rope/wrinkles clean?
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I've used "Malaseb Pledgets" on Chloe before. My vet sold them to me for $27 and I found them online after for around $8!

Chloe HATES them! She is a very laid back dog and will let me do just about anything to her, but when she sees them she runs! They DO work well for wrinkles as they will not keep moisture in there and they helped clear out a nose roll infection she had.

Usually I use unscented gentle baby wipes to clean her wrinkles and they work fine. But if there is any sign of infection or funky smell, use the Malaseb Pledgets. Other pug owners I know also swear by the sensitive skin Stridex pads.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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