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What do you use to clean a Bulldog's wrinkles?

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The breeder told me to get malabsorb wipes, which I cannot find anywhere. Maybe I have it spelled wrong, so please point me in the right direction there.

I have also heard to use human baby wipes, a wet washcloth and eye cleaning wipes. :confused:

So, what do you find most effective for keeping an Englsih Bulldog's rope/wrinkles clean?
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Awesome! Thanks for the help! We had picked up the Huggies unscented baby wipes but I was a little concerned that maybe I went the cheap way and it could harm her in the long run.

She already has some brown tear staining on the white side of her face in the grooves of her wrinkles. Is this normal if you are taking proper care of them? I've seen countless pictures showing the brown marks in dog care books, but they never said if that was normal or not.

The Bichon is on Angel Eyes to reduce tear stains and it works wonders. Would that work on the Bulldog as well?
Yes it will.
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