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I would like to share this design with people and ask their opinion of it and what they would do to make it better (for those of you who have dog carting experience). In addition to that if anyone has any tips on how to train the dog to pull a cart/sled and how to teach it to turn, go, and stop on command that would be much appreciated.

The reins would only be used if someone was riding in the cart. If the cart was going to be used just for hauling stuff then the reins wouldn't be attached and the dog would just be led with a leash.

I have already found a place to buy nice carts and harnesses. So I suppose what I want now is just for people to help me with how to train him to turn on command. He already knows how to stop and go when I say so and he knows to back up when I say back up, but I don't know how to transfer that to when I am in the cart. I have already gotten him used to being in a harness and having traces touching him when he is moving and he completely ignores them. How do I train him to turn??


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