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What do you own?....etc.

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Hey everyone, I am new to the forum and love my dogs and all in general.

What breeds do you own?
What are your favorite breeds?
Dream breeds? etc.

I own a red/white 10 month old male Saint Bernard/Lab mix. Over 110 lbs and growing! A big ole' teddy bear!

Also own a pinto (white w/black spots) 18 month old female Akita. She's a runt weighing in at only 60 pounds. Independent, slightly stubborn..... but a big sweetie!

I have so many breeds that i enjoy but my favorites in no particular order:

English Mastiff
Saint Bernard
Pit Bulls Pits and Rotties have such bad reputations!
....and plenty more.

Dogs are definitely one thing that make life worth living!
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What breeds do you own? Australian Shepherds (see my signature)

What are your favorite breeds? Borzoi, German Shepherd dog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Dutch Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Kai Inu, Dogo Argentino, Rottie, Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Cardigan Corgi, The Belgians, lots of others

Dream breeds? :

A dark sable working bred male, German Shepherd Dog with outstanding temperment and soundness,
A red brindle Dutch Shepherd male or female of course again out of working lines with temperment and soundness,
An Australian Shepherd from working lines that again has outstanding temperment and structure soundness
I own a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bailey(in my signature). My family has a male Dachshund also

I love the herding group, they are probably my favorites:D I will always have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, they are my favorite breed.

My dream list is:
Irish Wolfhound
Scottish Deerhound
Collie(Rough and Smooth)
Australian Shepherd
Border Collie
Old English Sheepdog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Great Dane
Afghan Hound
English Bulldog
French Bulldog
Chinese Crested Dog
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What breeds do you own?
What are your favorite breeds?
Dream breeds? etc.

I currently own two Shelties and one PBGV
I have previously owned one American Foxhound, two smooth fox terriers
and one mixed breed (OES/Black lab)
My favorite breeds are shelties, BMD's, OES, Irish Wolfhounds, most of the bully
breeds, foxhounds, Beardies...I generally seem to drift towards the hound
and the herding group dogs...will never have another pbgv
Dream breeds: Irish Wolfhounds, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, French
I have a mutt, a Miniature Dachshund, Norwegian Elkhound, and a mutt.

Desired/favorite breeds? Irish Wolfhound, Wire haired Ibizan Hound, Doberman, Great Dane, and Collie.
I currently own a rottweiler, a GSD, a chow chow mix, a schnauzer/terrier mix, and a golden retriever.

My favorite breeds are
Pit Bulls
Tenacious, scruffy terrier mixes
I'm a big fan of the working breeds overall, but I've somehow developed a keenness for herders lately too...

My dream breeds are
Bernese Mtn Dog
Shih Tzu
Scruffy, tenacious terrier mixes :p

I dunno really what my dream breeds are. It depends. I know that I will never be without a rottweiler.
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Hey everyone, I am new to the forum and love my dogs and all in general.

What breeds do you own?
What are your favorite breeds?
Dream breeds?
Hello,and welcome to DF. I have a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix. My favorite breeds are Golden Retriever,Bull Mastiff,Alaskan Malamute,Bassett Hound,and Boxer.

Dream breeds? Saint Bernard,Engish Mastiff,Aerdales,English Pointers,and a Bloodhound.
I currently own 4 papillons and a sheltie. I have owned several shelties, a couple more paps, a GSDx and a lab in the past.

My favorite breeds are papillons and border collies. Actually, papillons and any herders.

My 'dream dogs' are a herd of papillons, at least one phalene and then always a herding dog. I will definitely have a GSD and a border collie in the future. I'd love it if I could also have an aussie, pyrenean shepherd, sheltie, and english shepherd. Any collie breed is fine with me, though.
I have a shih-tzu x bichon mix and 2 cats.

I would love to have a mini schnauzer, soft coated wheaten terrier, old english sheepdog, Leonberger, english bulldog, american Staffordshire terrier, amongst other dogs.
Current pooches are 2 Dobermans and a chihuahua

In the past I've had dobes, a greyhound, a poodle/terrier x and a beauceron

My dream dogs are a saluki and a pharoh hound although I'll always have dobermans
I have a pit bull mix currently.

My favorites are:
American Pit Bull Terriers
American Bulldogs
Dogo Argentinos (and actually all "bully" type breeds lol)
English Mastiffs
Wheaten Terriers
Old English Sheepdogs

I obviously love the bully breeds, but I've always wanted an Old English Sheepdog. I doubt I'll ever have one, because if I was going to I would actually want a working dog (and sheep lol). I also have a major soft spot for Wheatens. We have 6 or 7 that come in the vet clinic I work at and they are just absolute loves!
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I have an australian shepherd, an ocherese, and a lab/husky mix(or something lol). I've also had cocker spaniels in the past.

My favorites are the herding breeds esp. aussies and the belgians, I also like weimaraners, malamutes, siberian huskies.. and a bunch of others

I'd love to have a weimaraner some day and one of the belgians. I will always have an aussie :)
I own a pure bred Yorkie as well as two others that are mixed, but mostly Yorkie.

My favorites:

Japanese Chin
Siberian Husky

I mostly like little dogs, but big ones are fine, too.
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I own a Pug, my favorite breed is a Pug, lol. I would like to have a French Bulldog one day, but Pug's are definitley my dream breed. :)
I own a black/brown mixed breed pup.

I'd love to own:
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Another Golden Retriever
Basset Hound
Australian Shepherd
Standard Schnauzer

There's so many more but here is a small list.
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I have two shelties, a border collie, and a mini aussie.

Shelties are my fave, but I like most of the herding breeds, spaniels, and some toys and LGD's. I'd like another sheltie in the future, but the next one is DH's pick and he wants another border collie or a golden retriever...and then there's my kids, I'm sure when they're old enough I'll get them their own dogs...DD wants a chihuahua (but I'll try to talk her into a papillon) and DS wants a corgi.
We are owned by 3 Boston Terriers :)

I would love to someday have
French bulldog
Standard poodle
I currently own a mutt.

My favorite breeds are Pit Bulls, Greyhounds and GSDs. I will probably never be without a rescue mutt, either. The list dies go on, though. :)
I own two mystery mixes, one "GSD X Sheltie" and one "GSD Mix"...in quotes because there's no proof of either claim, lol, nor were those claims made by me.

There are a lot of breeds I adore, but one in particular that I think is perfect for me...

As for that breed...well that's top secret...but depending on how things go s/he could be arriving in 2010...:p
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