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What do you give your dog at a barbecue?

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I'm of the "no people food" class of dog owner. However, I get the impression that the woman who fostered Rosie before we added her to our family wasn't so careful. She claimed that she only feeds dogs appropriate food but I noticed that she was awfully free with cheese for instance. Also, whenever we have had people over for a barbecue, Rosie (who is very shy around strangers and almost never begs for food) works the crowd like a pro. She has killed puppy dog eyes. I'm pretty sure her foster mom had lots of parties where the guests were "dropping" food all over the place.
So, to my original question, do
you think an occasional piece of hotdog or burger is such a bad thing? My husband and I barbecued tonight and as usual the dogs were hanging closely around the grill...
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Our dogs do not ever get "people food" unless it is for a special reason. We use low fat string cheese for giving them meds. It is such a treat for them that they never notice the pill hidden inside. We use the dried out hot dog bits when we are training. They are cheap, easy to make, and the dogs consider them to be high value. Little bits go a long way. I would not be feeding my dogs anything at a bbq as it is all too greasy or has condiments on it. Our dogs eat a raw meat only diet but there is nothing at a bbg (unless hubby drops a raw steak or chicken on the ground) that we would allow them to eat. Unless you are eating their dog kibble and enjoying it, there is no reason to allow/train a dog to eat people food. We actively discourage the dogs ("leave it") from eating any food that drops from a human any time. We feed out dogs first at dinner time each evening. They eat in their crates. They stay in their crates to rest while we eat dinner. Then we all enjoy a play session in the yard or a walk in the neighborhood after dinner. When started as a puppy, they never learn to beg at the table and have never eaten food that is not in their bowl. Random times when they pick something up in their mouth that is not appropriate they are told to "drop it." (comes in handy if they catch a mouse or squirrel too!) You never know what falls off the table or plate that might harm your dog. And too many human foods can lead to pancreatitis once they start raiding a garbage can in search of those tasty morsels.
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