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What do you do to pass the time?

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I'm getting my puppy in 5 weeks. An English Springer Spaniel. But It seems SO far away *tear*. I've been talking to the breeder since December so it seems like its been even longer *sigh*.

How do you pass the time for your puppy to get here? I've already bought everything except foods and clippers...and the stuff I need to wait until he gets here for/and or grows up for (harness, good collar, good leash, ID tag est.) I have to get a training leash (how long should it be?). I've been driving the breeder nuts with questions and updates and all that LOL.

5 weeks seems like a life time. I've never got a pet from a breeder. I've always adopted or rescued so they've got her pretty quick and without the waiting time. I think the longest was my ferrets, I believe 3 weeks altogether.

*twiddles my thumbs*
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For Hawk not only did I have to wait 3 months from the time I found out about the litter, but when the day came to pick him up I also had to wait through a 5 hour car ride to go get him.

I just keeped bugging the breeder and looking at the pictures she sent me
I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST waiting until I could pick up Uallis from the breeder. My breeder kept the pups until they were at least 10 weeks, so I had to wait a little longer than most people are used too. However, I spent the time researching the Mastiff breed even more, shopping for supplies, looking up names and there meanings, etc...I really enjoyed it because I had so much time to prepare. I don't know...I didn't notice the wait so much UNTIL the night before we were due to pick him up. I didn't sleep a wink because I was so excited. :D I really like to shop so I did spend a lot of time browsing for things that I thought that he might like, or that I liked the looks of, so I guess that helped pass the time.
LOL Keechak, my drive is gonna be 3 in a half to 4 hours!

I've lived at the pet stores lately...and I've been looking up so much stuff on ESS its not funny...And bugging all of you on here :)

I should get an updated picture of the crate...my friend who's a vet tech says I'm CRAZY and won't allow me to buy anything else...She says the crate looks like a store display LMAO...I've probably spent $300.
I'll be sitting with you in the way to anxious category!

I pick up the Swissy May 24th and the Leo on June 8th and it's going soooo slowly. The one big plus/minus is the swissy breeder has a puppy cam. That means I get to watch them all the time (good) but I can't actually touch them (bad), lol.

In the meantime this Sunday I'm getting two 8 week old pups to foster for a week so that should fill in some time. Of course the hubby thinks I'm crazy to foster right now but it's only for a week and it will be good practice, heh. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Every morning my kids ask how many days till we get our puppy. Let me tell you, the day by day countdown does NOT help me be calmer!
I know what you mean by the count down *dies* It takes forever!

At least you get to foster...I couldn't do that. And I do have all my kids that I can take care of now, and play with them. But I really miss having a dog around so it doesn't help matters lol.

*woot* at least I'm not alone in the waiting!
Sit here and talk to everyone here on DF, that will pass the time :D lol
The forums definitely helped me pass the time!

And really, don't worry about it. 5 weeks will pass by in NO time!

Imagine being in my situation - officially deciding to get a dog, but planning for him to come in a whole YEAR. And my FIRST dog, too! I couldn't believe it. I did a bunch of research, becuase really, you can never do enough. Then I hopped onto DF and a few other forums and read about everyone else's dogs in anticipation for my own.

And now look, he's here! I really didn't see that coming.
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