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Ok so here goes, I have a 1 year old bulldog boxer mix she's a relatively well behaved dog... and from the day i got her i started to work with her... her being my first dog and after doing extensive research as to how to make her well balanced and well behaved i decided that i was going to go with the old crank and yank, cesar millan, leerburg type training, because as i researched i understood most training methods and the treat/clicker training although effective ... in a breed such as mine i've read that it had an occasional bad result where she would ONLY listen when treats where present and if not ... then she wouldn't ... but ok ... enough background here's the issue.....

about 2-3 weeks after i got her on one of our many walks i discovered she had a serious fear of big trucks weather there parked moving ,off or on...it doesnt matter... and as we kept on moving i realized that as we walked she would start to build up anxiety and eventually something would happen I.E (which this just happen on our walk about 20 mins ago) we were walking down a main street ... as we walked by a convenience store the door closed making a loud THUD... and she lost it .. complete flight mode... if i wasn't holding the leash she was gone... so i just kept my body straight.. my mind focused and kept on walking but this is a constant issue... i try to watch for the signs of it building up ... but i get torn as to how to get her through the incident because i want her to be able to get through it and build off the confidence that facing something that normally scares her... but i also DONT want her to get to that point where she feels she has to completely run for her life....basically the training i used was ::COMMAND:: refusal = :::correction::: in the form of a leash tug... but one of the biggest issues i see she has is she will NEVER look at me... inside the house ... she does the same... head down... listens to commands usually but say if she's playing with a toy... and i call her name.. she wont even look at me..or if she's just on the other side of the room and i say "Lucy C'mere" she will come 80% of the time... but even then... will not look at me... i really am not sure as to weather or not i pushed her too far and she's completely afraid of me... or if she's disobediant.. or if she just ignores me ... orrrr if she just doesnt trust me.. but reguardless of the situation i want to get past this... i hate the fact that she doesnt listen... it really does suck for me because i put SO MUCH effort into it i really do i love the dog to death but i really just dont know what to do... i understand that not everyone here will agree with these methods i used... but at the same time i really am not here seeking approval.. everyone has there ways and i thought this was what was best for me....

So in closing ... what i want .. is a idea of what i did wrong... what the solution is .. and how i can get her trust me ... if thats what it really is.. i love her i really do and under no circumstances will i get rid of her.. i just feel that ive failed as an owner... like little bit more about her.. and how where ive got her too....

Commands she listens too and how she does them
~waits for food.. as long as i want... from 20 ft...to 1 ft from the bowl
she will not eat it until i say "go ahead"
~she sits down 80% of the time..
~lays down 80% of the time....
~stays 40-60% of the time
~never steals human food or "counter surfs"
~gets excited but is calmed down relatively quickly when somone comes home or someone new comes into the house Never jumps on them
~NEVER barks... ive had her for 2 months and heard her bark twice
~she whines whenever i put her in her crate and im going to sleep she will whine for like a min and as i ignore her she will go to sleep as well
~sits 25% of the time
~lays down roughly the same 25%
~focus's NEVER
~looks at me NEVER
~stays by my side 100%
~pulls on me NEVER
~poops and pee's outside 100% in a designated spot

So in closing... i'll say it again.. i know these methods are not 100% approved of.. and i also know that some may even frown upon them.. but at the end of the day i did what i felt most comfortable with... so all i ask is to look at this post as kindly as possible and know that i DO NOT need criticism i DO NOT need to be scolded for my methods i just need advice as to how to help my dog.. and i am 100% open to using new methods if they will in fact help her.... Thanks for reading and look forward to reading

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Are you still using those methods?

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Switch to clicker training. Dogs are dogs, it doesn't matter the breed, clicker training works for all of them. It also works for dolphins, whales, elephants, cats, tigers, bears, any animal at all.
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