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What classifies as a public place that I would need to muzzle my restricted breed dog in?

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I’ve grown up in a town where muzzling restricted breed dogs wasn’t enforced, but I have recently moved to a town where it is enforced, so I don’t know what does and doesn’t classify as a public place in which I would need to muzzle my dog in. She doesn’t have any behavioural issues, and is quite friendly with both people and animals, but I don’t want to risk getting a €100 fine. Can anyone help me please? For context and laws around restricted breeds, I live in Ireland.
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A public space is typically any place that is not your property, or not the private property of someone who has given you permission to have your dog unmuzzled there. I would check with the local authorities and get their exact definition, though. They're probably going to be better resources than a bunch of internet strangers who are not familiar with your local ordinances.
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