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What causes ear infections?

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When I raised my Sammies... the only issue I remember having were their allergies to fleas and hot spots. So, I've never really dealt with ear infections.

Now, it seems Lola has another ear infection... crusty on the outside, red and a bit raw in the inside. The vet prescribed some steriods to help with healing and she thought perhaps they might be an allergy. What kind... ? she doesn't know.

So, I'm wondering.... what other dog owners have discovered about ear infections. She's on blue Buffalo and she loves it without any stomach discomfort (she never really had any issues with food except for Nutro that turned her skin very pink and itchy)
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There are many things that can cause ear infection including allergies. At times environmental and times to foods. You can have allergy tests run or you can try to do a process of elimination.

Your dog could be allergic to rice, chicken, beef, or any of a number of other common ingredients. My pug is allergic to chicken and to rice, so I feed him a food that has niether. Some good foods to check into are Wellness Simple solutions which has only 1 protien source and one carb or **** Van Pattons NAtural Balance allergy formulas, they have a duck nad potato and a fish/sweet potato formula and both are fabulous.
Well it is spring, so it COULD be a seasonal allergy. I think I'd do the testing to rule out what it isn't at least.
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