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What can you tell me about Catahoulas?

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Lo and behold, Kaki is a Catahoula mix. Her last owners told me she was an aussie mix and my guess is that they got her from a shelter. She's definitely not aussie. I lurve her so much that I'd like to get another catahoula but she is a mix so I don't know if her temperment is the mutt or not. I want to know more about the catahoula disposition and all that jazz. Please.:)


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contact him...he answered all my questions thoroughly. he is VERY knowledgeable about the breed.

He may even be able to help you find a dog..he's a breeder but I know he's involved in Cat rescue too.
He gave me a good intro into what the dogs themselves are like. I contacted several people asking for info and he was the only one who replied and answered my questions.

Im interested in Catahoulas as well and am possibly considering the breed to own some time in the future. I currently own APBT and probably always will and tend to favor breeds that are comparable in size and energy level.

CatintheHat, do you mind if I pm you and pick your brains on the subject of Catahoulas?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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