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Hi. I got a puppy from a rescue. She is shepherd lab mix. She has a medium energy. High prey drive. Very attached to me. She is a bit overly friendly with strangers so I would prefer a dog that is more aloof. I’m looking for a second dog which won’t be for 1 1/2-2 years from now. But I like to be prepare in advance.

My needs:
Medium to large breed 40-90 lbs
Good with cats, dogs, and kids.
Good on off switch
I’m able to dedicate the majority of my day to training, walking, etc. so any amount of excerise needs is okay.
I don’t really like long haired or wired haired dogs but I’m okay with any amount of shedding.
Aloof to strangers
Protection/guarding instincts
Velcro is okay
Easy to train
Family pet, train for obedience and agility for fun at home
I’m pretty open for most breeds

I love German shepherds which is the breed I was originally gonna get except things changed and I have a half gsd lol. So definitely would like a purebred dog next. I don’t care for retrievers that much (even though she is part lab)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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