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What Breed(s) Am I?

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We got a three month old puppy about October of last year who was found wandering the highway around my dad's work so his co-workers took the little girl in and had her around the office until dad called my mom and asked her to come see if she wanted to keep the puppy. My mom took her home and named her Jasmine (we call her Jazz). She will be a year on the 4th of July but we have been wondering for a long time what she has in her. Black Lab is very obvious to us.

The last picture is earlier this year around January.

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That looks like a blockier version of Abby. I'd say pit bull or staffordshire terrier mix.
She looks Lab/Pit to me. Good job for rescuing her!
I agree with possible Pit/Lab mix ....she is very pretty :)
I was going to say Pit/Lab mix too. She looks like a wonderful dog. Good job rescuing her!
She is wonderful. She's too smart for her own good too. Can't keep her contained anywhere. We actually did think she had some staffy in her but we weren't sure. I was bumbed when we fixed her because of how beautiful she is, she's an excellent dog!

She's currently in training for agility. She got the jumps down in two days.
She looks Lab/Pit to me. Good job for rescuing her!
This is my guess too.
I see Staffy/lab mix.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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