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Found on the side of the road, running with a buddy, we were able to catch her 3 days ago. She's very scared and I'm worried how the two will get along without each other. I've been feeding and watering the buddy once I found out her "home" in the woods. A neighbor said he's seen the dogs running around for about a week, and he couldn't catch them. It snowed 3 inches here last night in lower MI and my heart is sinking for the other dog. Not sure if they are related but they look very similar, only this one has long, scragley hair, and the one still on the run has short hair. I can see some Jack Russell in them but I'm not sure what else. Any tricks as to telling a dog's age? I sure hope I can catch that other puppy. Anyone know of any no kill shelters around Cass County MI (Michiana Area). I'm thinking of trying a humane trap to catch the other one because she is so scared she's unapproachable. I'm just afraid of what else I might catch instead of the dog. Any advice on catching a quick little dog would be helpful. I want to reunite these buddies and plan to foster them until I can get hooked up with a local rescue and find them a good home. Thanks for any help and advice you can give me!!


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