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What breed mix is .....Toby?

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This is Toby. He's a neutered male, about 7(?) years old. I got him from an Animal Control shelter 4 years ago. They had him listed as a Rott/GSD mix, but this was only a guess on their part. He weighs about 90 pounds, and is 24 inches tall at the shoulder. He's a doof. Likes to run around and wrestle with the other dogs. Doesn't play fetch. Loves kids. Likes to swim and wallow in mud. Very mouthy, likes to chew on things. Barks more than the other dogs, and considers himself to be the "fun police"---will bark at the other dogs if they're having fun without him. Follows me around the house, not independent at all. A real escape artist, but doesn't go far once he does get out. Will run away (and not listen when called) if given the chance, but comes back after a couple minutes. Has a temper, and gets mad if the other dogs don't do things his way. Has started a few fights, and won't back down if another dog starts something, but the fights don't last long, and no blood has been drawn. Usually gets along with other dogs, if they don't challenge him. His eyes are different shades of brown--one is a light yellow-brown, the other is a darker shade.

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He probably has a lot of breeds in there, but I see Golden Retriever or Lab when I look at his face.
Yeha, I think he's just a muttly mutt. Probably some Golden in there, because of his color. Maybe GSD, to account for the black saddle. I think I see Great Pyrenees in his face sometimes. Oh, yeah---he has some black spots on his tongue. I thought that this might indicate some Chow heritage, but now I learn that a lot of breeds can have black tongue spots. So I dunno.
I sent in his DNA test yesterday.....so we have a couple weeks to make final guesses!

My final guess is: GSD/Lab (or Golden) with a little Pyr or mmm.....maybe a little Rott. Maybe.
He is 100% cuter whatever he is. I see GSD but he looks like a mix of a mix. The only Rottie that I might see is he has a happy Rottie type smile. :) I like a dog that looks cheery. Can't wait to hear what the DNA test shows.
He is handsome and looks very happy whatever he is.:D
Hehe, yeah, he's a happy-go-lucky kinda guy. He likes kitties, too....one of the female cats has a crush on him. She doesn't like the other cats, so he's her man :D .

I know, I don't really see a lot of Rott in him. I look at Moose (pure Rott) and look at Toby and most of the time I don't think he has any Rott in him. But he kind of has the same temperment sometimes. I dunno, we'll see (if he isn't too muttly for the DNA test to determine).
Ok, his DNA came back today.....he really is a muttly mutt, 6 breeds were identified. 4 of them I find entirely believable, the other 2 I'm not so sure about, LOL. This is what they said:

He had no level 1 (75%+) or level 2 (37%-74%) breeds.

Level 3 (20%-36%) Afghan Hound (this one is weird...I really don't think there are a bunch of stray Afghans running around the greater Omaha area :p )
Level 3 (20%-36%) German Shepherd Dog (no surprise there)
Level 4 (10%-19%) Chow Chow (I guess it DOES explain the tongue spots)
Level 5 (less than 10%) Boxer (I never would have guessed, but it does explain his doofy, fun-loving personality)
Level 5 (less then 10%) Golden Retriever (yay! I was right!)
Level 5 (less than 10%) Scottish Terrier ( :confused: )

This particular lab doesn't have an extensive breed list, so perhaps the Afghan and Scottie were misidentified....they said that if an unidentified breed was present in the dog, it might come up with the nearest identified relative. Here's their identified breed list: http://www.biopetvetlab.com/dnabreeds.htm
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Wow scottish terrier and Afgan?
I saw a little chow in the picture where he was walking, golden face I think. What a handsome guy :)
Interesting. I tend to not buy what those DNA tests say (I have seen way too many totally off analyses) but it is interesting.
Yeah, the DNA test was on sale for only $30....and it was worth that for the entertainment value. I wouldn't pay more than that. I do believe the other 4 breeds. The Afghan thing is just weird. I don't think I've ever even seen an Afghan in real life. I would say it was picking up on another sighthound, but most of them seem to be covered by their breed list. And greyhound would be most likely (racing track in that area), but that breed is covered. Oh well.

The Scottie thing may be the test picking up on another terrier that isn't covered by their breed list. Maybe he's got a little pit in him? That seems more likely considering the neighborhood he came from.
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