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What breed mix is ....Penny?

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So, this is Penny. She's about 5 years old, and is a spayed female. My mom found her running loose in the country. She weighs 50 pounds, and is 21 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder. Has blue eyes. Can't howl very well (the boys howl like wolves whenever a siren goes off). Isn't very barky, and is a bit independent---she'll go up to the bedroom to sleep without me. Likes to chase rabbits, and yips/whines the whole time she's running after them. She likes to crouch on the deck steps and ambush Toby when he walks past. Her favorite toy is a Kong-on-a-rope, second is a Jolly Ball with a handle, to play fetch with. Tug is another favorite game. Not inclined to chew/nip much, even when she was a pup. Smart---good at Obedience. A little bit snarly with other female dogs, but has never started a fight, and always backs down if someone else starts one. OK, that's all I can think of as to her personality. What breeds do you think she has in her?

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The white on the chest and the coat makes me think there's some bernese mountain dog in there, maybe some GSD
I was thinking that at 50 pounds, she's a little small to have an yBerner or GSD. Hmmm.

Oh, yeah, she also likes to dig. A LOT.
She looks GSD/collie-ish to me. Maybe a blue merle something or other, like an Australian shepherd.
looks belgian shepardish to me
I'm gonna say Aussie x Husky.
The blue eyes make me think aussie/husky, i see shepherd/collie in the coat so maybe German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd with collie mixed in somewhere. Probably a few different breeds but the white on the chest can even be from GSD, there is white spotting now and then in the breed although in pure breed GSDs i know it is frowned upon although i personally think its cute but i never plan to show or breed dogs.

The white on the chest could also be from aussie/collie pretty much anything..
OK, her DNA results came back, and I have to say I'm a bit surprised. Nothing out of the ordinary, all very common breeds around here (except Keeshonden---but they're not unheard of)......I guess you could call her a patented purebred farm dog. But, still, nothing I expected.

Level 3 (20%-36%)---German Shorthaired Pointer (explains her fondness for fetching and for playing in the water, I guess)
Level 3 (20%-36%)---Great Pyrenees (explains her herding instinct)
Level 3 (20%-36%)---Siberian Husky (explains the blue eyes)
Level 5 (less than 10%)---Keeshond (wow! I looked up Keeshond pics, and she definitely looks like a Keeshond, even though it's low-percentage)
Level 3 (less than 10%)---Shih Tzu (haha! We'll never let her live that down!!!)
Knew she had Husky but the Shih Tzu..? Random i must say.

She's a cutie, love the snow pic of her.
Knew she had Husky but the Shih Tzu..? Random i must say.

She's a cutie, love the snow pic of her.
Yeah, she loves the snow. She'll even sleep in the snow with her tail on her nose, like a sled dog :D .

As for the Shih Tzu thing....LOL. I think it's funny. I don't really doubt it---it's such a low percentage, and Shih Tzus are so common around here I'm sure a lot of dogs have it in their history somewhere. Still funny :p .
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