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Hello all, first post. I've come here with a pretty interesting situation and I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but considering I'm attaching a bunch of pics I'm sure it will fly here.

Basically, I adopted my dog from a shelter when he was about 2 months old. Currently he is almost a year old now and to this day nobody, not even the vet after doing bloodwork can figure out what breed he comes from. When I adopted him I was told he was a "shepherd/husky" mix which was fine with me because that's exactly the breed I was looking for. He is playfull, full of energy, loves the snow, is very mouthy, and seemed big as a puppy. Plus he looks the part too. Recently, just out of curiosity I did a blood panel(the vet calls it Wisdom Panel) test to see exactly what his makeup was and learned that he has absolutely no shepherd or husky in his blood whatsoever. The panel can match him with hundreds of known breeds and what came up was
+/- 40% Lancashire Heeler
+/- 12.5% Basset Hound

The rest is unknown. Basically what I'm asking is for you all to take a look at the little guy and just throw out some guesses as to what hes mixed with. I couldn't believe the results myself when I saw them but given the character traits and the color markings of both of these breeds I can defiantly see it.

A friend of the family has been a dog groomer for over 20 years and she is absolutely convinced that he is a "Mountain Dog," Berenese, entlebutcher, etc. Does this sound right? The vet said that these breeds would not show up in the panel so I suppose they make sense.

Any ideas or comments in general would be great. thanks.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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