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What breed is she?

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Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae
This pup is about 9 months old now. We adopted her from a shelter at 3 mos. No history at all. I'm stumped at what breed/mix she is. She's very lanky & tall, has a long narrow body and slim, not super muscular, but still probably between 50-60 lbs. The ears are what really throw me. I could see maybe lab mixed in there of some sort? Maybe some Malinois somewhere? Or maybe Carolina Dog? What are your thoughts? Any thoughts on best (and that doesn't break the bank) DNA test?
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What a cutie! I wouldn't be surprised if lab and/or shepherd are in there somewhere, and maybe a sighthound.

Embark is, imo, the best DNA test on the market, since it's quite accurate and ALSO tests for a bunch of potential genetic issues. But it is expensive. The runner-up is Wisdom Panel, which has grown much more accurate in recent years. A lot of the cheaper ones still aren't worth the cheek swabs they send you, imo.
I would say shepherd mix. She will probably grow into those ears a bit more! Maybe shepherd and golden retriever? Shepherd and lab?
How pretty! I wouldn't be surprised to see GSD and Lab in the mix. Black Mouth Cur and/or Carolina Dog are possibilities, depending on where you live.
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