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We adopted this beautiful puppy from the ASPCA back in January. We don’t know anything about her history...only that she came in from the city shelter here in NYC and wound up at the ASPCA a few weeks later. She hadn’t even had her medical exam when we saw her. But after she got a clean bill of health we snagged her immediately. She’s a wonderful animal. Highly intelligent and almost instinctively knows right from wrong.

When we went to get her, she was listed as a “Dutch Sheepdog” but after some research we quickly realized that they must have meant Dutch Shepherd. Since we don’t know anything about her history, we aren’t sure if she’s a purebred or a mix. From comparing her to pictures online of Dutch Shepherd pups, she is almost an exact match but possibly kinda small. She is estimated to be about 8 months old right now and is weighing in a little over 40lbs. Here is a picture of her at the dog park. Anyone with experience out there, please chime in if you can tell what she may be mixed with...or if you think she’s a purebred.



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