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What breed is my puppy?

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My girlfriend and I just rescued Sprocket from a kill shelter, so he didn't come with really any information. They said he is a small terrier mix, which is as vague as can be. After looking over the internet we've decided he is at least part patterdale terrier if not pure. But I want some second opinions.

The main things that raise doubt in my mind are the bald spots on his throat and legs and his splochy white tuxedo coloring.

any guesses would be appreciated.
He is roughly ten weeks old now, 8 at the time of the pictures.

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I kind of doubt it is a Patterdale terrier unless they are common in your area.
It's too hard to tell with the pup being so young. He looks like he'll be closer to a medium sized dog, so could have some lab in him.

In a few months you'll have a better guess.
Size? A bit young to tell, but based on the pic w/ a hand to reference (hard to tell but..) I would say too big for PT. My In Laws have two and when they were 8 weeks old they'd fit in the palm of your hand and full grown only the size it looks like your dog already is.
From the book pictures I have in my dog book he doesn't look like a Pattersdale at all. Maybe some kind of Lab mix, too young right now to really guess. And good job for rescuing Sprocket!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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