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What breed is my pup crossed with?

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Hello! I'm new to this site hoping I can get your folks opinion. I really wanted a family dog and did some research and I felt a miniture bull terrier would be a good fit. It turns out this breed of dog is not easy to find but I found a breeder from out of province who claims to have mini bull terriers. I had her send picture of the puppy and mom and the mom you can tell is a purebred but the breeder claims to have purchased semen for insertion. The problem is when I received the puppy and it was obvious he was not a purebred... He is 9 weeks old and weighs almost 18lbs and a real purebred bull terrier is only suppuse to weight up to 30lbs as an adult and the vet thinks he will be atleast 55lbs full grown. So I'm left to wonder what he is? Now he has features of a bull terrier but his ears are still flopped down and don't seem like they are going up anytime soon and his body is longer and slimmer..the breeder did inform me she use to breed american pitbulls now based on his size I have reason to believe that's what he is crossed with. In the end it doesn't matter because he is a great pup but it would still be nice to know.. Any opinions? Thanks... My profile picture is of my puppy Kato
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Sorry but the picture didn't come up on your avatar. Could you be a bit more precise in explaining what your pup looks like? It'll be easier with a better explanation than "floppy ears" and might be a "PB mix", you know. Thanks. And welcome!

Oh yeah, before you buy from any breeder. Make sure they're reputable. A lot of them will just sell to get the money.
I didn't explain much because I assumed my picture would show but he's brindle in color with white spots, he has a long nose and a bump between his ears which is part of his scull... It will be better once my profile picture shows... And I checked with 3 references from across province and they seem to have been pleased with her services but the dog is healthy and did come with a health check but not a certfication of purebred.
you have to add a pic as your avatar, the profile pic is just for your profile page. I had to search the forum to find the same answer. Also make sure it is small enough. You can load bigger pics that will show in the main reply area, but a more seasoned member would have to explain that.
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