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What breed is my dog?

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I need help figuring out the breed of my pup. Thank you!!!

Photos and videos:

I know my puppy has some kind of chihuahua in him, but I'm not sure what he's mixed with. He's very fluffy!! The owner who sold him to me said he was a Maltipoo, but now I know that's not the case, and he's definitely a chihuahua mix. I suspected he might be a Pomchi, but I searched them up and they have very sharp + steep noses, while my pup's nose is a little flat.

What's the other part of the chihuahua though? Any help would be definitely appreciated!!
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Looks Pom/Chi to me. Since that is a mutt, there's no telling which way the nose/muzzle is gonna go.
But really, you got an adorable pup, that's all that matters 😁
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