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So I just got a new dog and he was listed as a pomchi (half Pomeranian and half chihuahua) and we went to see him and he was absolutely gorgeous and I was so in love that I didn’t even think about the fact that he was supposed to be a pomchi. (I also didn’t really know what they were supposed to look like) When we got home after a while it hit me that he was way too big and his voice was way too deep to be a pomchi! I thought for a while he must have some kind of bigger dog breed mixed in but then realised he barely looks like either Pomeranian or chihuahua, so after some research I found that he looks A LOT like a chihuahua x American Eskimo! This would explain why he gets hot so easily and can jump ridiculously high and is much bigger than a pomchi. Would anyone be able to confirm that my pup is an American Eskimo cross? Or if he’s an American Eskimo whose fur has not yet come through as much as he’s only 11 months old. Also I should add that though he was listed as a pomchi, the owners had no idea what his age was (we had to find out ourselves), and didn’t know what his parents were, and never took him on walks so it was obvious that they didn’t really know anything about him, including his breed. (They just took a guess at a pomchi) I mainly Just want to know what breed he is so I know how long his walks should be, how much I should feed him, what size he will likely grow to, and stuff like that! So these next two pictures are of my doggy Levi
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So that’s a pic of my dog and below I’ll put some of chihuahua x American Eskimo
View attachment 262862 View attachment 262863
So if anyone knows anything about these breeds or has an idea if this could be what he is, or if he’s a full Eskimo who just still has his baby coat then please let me know! :) Thankyou for your time
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